Take a Hike: Canyon View Trail

sunol_hikeInstructions: Drive about 15 minutes from the Pleasanton Home Base, down Calavaras Road to Geary, and into the Sunol Regional Wilderness. Pay $5 if somebody happens to be collecting money. Park at the Green Barn. Drink the first of three bottles of water. Put the second in your back pocket. Walk down the path, cross the foot bridge over Alameda Creek, and follow the signs for Canyon View Trail. The first mile has some steep uphill climbs; it isn’t too bad once you’re past the squeaky cattle gate. A cool spring day is the bast time for this gig: the hills are green, and carpeted with yellow, orange, and purple wildflowers. At some point, you may need to take a detour around some cattle. Within 45 minutes or so, you’ll hear the rushing waters of “Little Yosemite” below. The clear waters of Calaveras Creek run through a series of waterfalls, between rocks, and around swimming dogs. Sit on a rock, and drink the bottle of water in your back pocket. From here, its a level walk of about 30-45 minutes down Camp Ohlone Road back to the valley floor, the Green Barn, and that last bottle of water. A two hour, three mile hike, 2.5 hours door to door, and back to the Home Base in time for Evan to wake up from his nap.  More photos on Flickr.Spotted Wildflowers